Guest Journal


Smiling, welcoming Elephant House staff member.


Tony and Brit, Luxembourg.

“A peaceful and beautiful place with excellent food and friendly staff.”

Brigit and Karsten, Bunde, Germany.

“Our favourite so far.”

Kyle and Rachel, Nanaimo, Canada.

“Thank you very much, we loved spending our honeymoon here.”

Tabatha and Nick, Inverness, Scotland.

“The most amazing piece of heaven – simply divine.”

Jane and Tim, Brighton, England.

Vintage table and chairs on an Elephant House verandah.

“Very peaceful setting, lovely food, great staff.”

Allanson, Isle of Man, UK.

“Thank you, it was a great stay and a wonderful room.”

Family Ezer, Switzerland.

“Beautiful place – such hard work to make it this way. Thank you!”

Twinch family, London, England.

“Extremely warm staff, and a perfect stopover for a safari.”

Szewei and Jenny, Singapore.

“Welcoming and wonderful, thank you for the best time.”

Brenda, New York, USA.

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