Elephant House Overview

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We are privileged to be part the most wonderful community - a real mix of cultures live side by side in the valley – descendants of the nomadic (and environmentally in touch) Khoi Khoi herders, the mighty AmaXhosa as well as the 18th and 19th C European adventurers, explorers and settlers.

Our policy is to employ and empower people from the local community and to support as many local enterprises and suppliers as possible. This being an extremely fertile valley our kitchen, for example, is able to take full advantage of nature’s bounty with the very best of fresh local ingredients.

All of us here at Elephant House are very involved with all sectors of this community, from the “G&T set” at the Addo Polo Club to the most underprivileged (indeed, it is here that, for example, with help from some of our guests, we have been able to build a crèche for Aids orphans in the Langbos as well as continually be able to supply them with food and regular clothes donations.) We are also very involved with the wonderful people of the predominantly Xhosa speaking Nomatasanqua community where amongst other projects we support a soccer and cricket team (below)

Winners of Polo Club "6 – a – side" Plate

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